Architecture is more than just buildings. A simple building may enclose space and serve a function, but true architecture aims for higher ideals. Architecture evokes intellectual and emotional responses from the participant. Archiecture is capable of being either uplifting or calming. It may emphasize an idea or encourage contemplation. It can be an environment of excitement or repose.

Architecture enhances experience in varying degrees of subtlety and nuance. Architecture can create a sense of arrrival at the entry to a building, convey charm and grace in the spaces where we live, relaxation where we sleep, and communion with nature as it extends outward into terraces and gardens.

Interior design can augment these environments, but architecture goes beyond surface treatments and furnishings. Architecture is meaningful in a powerful three-dimensional sense. This is accomplished by shaping interior volume, controlling color and light, and arranging structure to support the intent of the design.

Whether contemporary or classic, true architecture emerges from the space within. Architecture should not be stage-set façades applied to any random plan. That approach to style is transitory, easily led astray by passing trends. Great and lasting architecture emerges from three-dimensional ideas where plan, section, and elevation are seamlesly integrated as a total spatial experience.  Buildings conceived in this manner are timeless.

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