Cherish Spirit Lounge 221 Detroit Street

This project began life as Venue 221, an event center for wedding receptions and corporate gatherings. It has now been turned into Cherish Spirit Lounge, a concept created by restaurateur Bart DeLorenzo. Cherish Spirit Lounge is a high-style nightlife experience in the heart of Cherry Creek. Cocktails and food are prepared at your table. From the Cherish website:

A grand destination to experience unmistakable luxury within beautiful surroundings. Unexpected hints of flaming red capture focus while indulgent rich walnut walls and ceilings embrace you and create a sense of balance. Sensual beats transform the lounge, where anything can unfold. The vibe involves dropping illusion and seeing things created by your own thoughts. The immersive experience allows you to be relaxed and not worrying about things you cannot change. A total state of Eyes, Body, Mind & Spirits.

The second floor is a 4000 sqare foot apartment.

Architectural rendering showing nickel cladding and stone veneer.
Exterior at grand oening.
Onyx bar.
Fireplace and lounge area.
Main event room.
Rendering showing original coneption with wood panels.
Interior rendering produced during the design stage.