Coors Residence, Denver, CO

Several themes organize the architecture of this house. Pyramid skylights comprise a motif that appears at the apex of the porte cochère and is recalled with a large pyramid skylight over the kitchen and a series of smaller ones above the main gallery. Hope Windows (a steel-framed industrial product specified by Frank Lloyd Wright at Fallingwater) provides classically modern continuity for all doors and windows. Wood paneling is employed as an architectural accent throughout, most notably in the walls and ceiling of the library where it is crafted like fine cabinetry.

Originally built for a nationally recognized industrial designer, this home is now owned by a scion of the Coors family, Colorado’s famous purveyor of fine beverages. It has been featured in Builder/Architect and The Rocky Mountain News.

Living room, featuring Hope Windows.
Living room.
Powder room.
Kitchen with pyramid skylight.
Library book shelves.
Living room.
Master suite.
Featured in Builder/Architect mnagazine. The home was also featured in The Rocky Mountain News.