Hilltop Residence, Denver, CO

Located in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood and designed for a growing family (two children were added from design to completion), this urban home features numerous indoor/outdoor connections. The children have play spaces and room to spread their wings. For the adults there is space for all types of entertaining. We made extensive use of sliding doors that pocket into the walls and disappear.  Two sets of doors meet at a corner of the living room without a corner post; when open, the room “explodes” into the outdoors with no interruption. The house expands seamlessly to  patios for bar-b-ques or fireside chats. Flexible interior spaces can accommodate salon entertaining, charity events, and formal dining.

Streetscape at dusk.
The house opens to private patios through multiple banks of disappearing doors.
Living room with corner-meet disappearing doors.
Living room.
Patio with firepit.
Main entry, highlighting landscape by Designs By Sundown.
Main entry.
Living room.
Living room.
Living room viewd from patio.
Central patio doors viewed from the foyer and main circulation space. .