Pradera, Parker, CO

Backed up against a steep hillside, patio doors reveal a waterfall that seems to flow naturally from the slope. It is a “created vista” that weds the house to the land. Inside, a two-story sheet of water falls over glass walls Behind the glass: a guest room on the lower level and a home office on the upper level. The main stairway curves over a third water feature in the lower level.

Front entry area.
Nestled into the hillside.
Downslope elevation.
Balconies ot study and master suite.
Main facade.
Study and master suite balcony.
Master suite balcony.

Great room.
Great room.
Great room.
Pyramid ceiling over great room.
Main gallery with barell-vault ceiling.
Gallery to master suite.
Water wall outside of study and guest suite.
Water wall flows over sheet of glass.
Water wall viewed from study side.
Art niches.
Main level floor plan.