The Cabin, Grand Lake, CO

Designed as a retreat from city life, The Cabin is two hours from Denver.  Set on a high ridge, it has a panoramic view of three lakes: Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain, and Granby. The exterior finish is charred cedar siding, an ancient technique from Japan known as shou sugi ban. It requires neither paint nor stain, is termite and fire resistant, and is said to last a hundred years. 

Schematic design drawing.
Schematic design drawing.
Main floor plan.
Lower level plan.
Section through great room.
Perspective rendering.

Construction photo showing shou sugih ban.
Stone work: Beaver Creek supplied by Telluride Stone.
Construction photo. View towards Shadow Mountain Lake.
Construction photo: dining and great room.
West elevation.
View from road below.
Living area.
Looking towards kitchen.