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The work of Michael Knorr is published in numerous publications. His work is included in two architectural anthologies: Dream Homes Deserts and Dream Homes Colorado, both by Panache Partners LLC.

Besides blogging about all facets of architecture at, he is a contributer to several magazines on the subject of architectural design.  Michael Knorr authored of a series of articles for builders in Builder/Architect magazine as well as the book Build the Homes Your Buyers Want published by Home Builder Press, Washington D.C.  Michael Knorr wrote a monograph on mid-century home designer LaVerne Lantz and is currently working on a new book, The Space Within – Looking Beyond the Facade of Architecture. 

Below is a small sampling of publications by or about Michael Knorr.

LUXE magazine.


Music + Architecture by Kevin Janowiak featuring an extensive interview with Michael Knorr.


Dream Homes of Colorado.


The Rocky Mountain News.


Builder/Architect, Denver.
The Coors residence featured in Builder Architect mnagazine. The home was also reviewed by The Rocky Mountain News.


Builder/Architect, Las Vegas.


One of a series of articles for builders by Michael Knorr.


Colorado Homes and LIfestyles.


Architecture of the West.




Colorado Homes and Lifestyles


Builder/Architect Las Vegas






Build the Homes Your Buyers Want  by Michael Knorr.
LaVerne Lantz monograph by Michael Knorr..